How Much Can You Make Mining Ether and How Much does it Cost to Run?

 Ether mining is something that is getting popular. There are so many people that are doing this. However, there are also some people that are considering it, but they don’t know if you can make enough money. And, how much it is going to cost to run. This is why you should make sure that you are reading everything there is about ether and ether mining. Then, you will understand what this is going to cost and if it is going to be worth doing it.

Can you make a living out of theether?

The first thing that you should make sure about, is if you can make a living out of ether mining. Many people are making the mistake to think that they can now quit their jobs, and just live off the money that they have made out of the ether.

However, this isn’t really the best thing to do. You will not be able to make enough money to live off. You will be able to make money for an extra income or for some spending money. But, you are going to make a mistake if you are going to leave your job for mining ether.

The costs of making ether

There are a couple of things that you should know and consider when you are going to do eth mining. The first thing that people are wondering about, is how much it is going to cost to mine ether. The answer is that it depends on how much ether you are going to mine and in what quantity.

If you are going to make this a huge hobby, then you might need to purchase the right equipment that is going to harvest the ether from parts, especially from computer parts. But, there are some other options that you can consider when you are going to do this for just a normal hobby. Then, you don’t really need to purchase any equipment.

There are places that are purchasing and selling ether

Something that you can also consider when you are doing eth mining, is that you can sell the currency to a company that is buying ether parts from people. You don’t need to harvest the eth yourself. It might not be as beneficial as when you are mining it yourself, but then you don’t really need to pay for anything before you can start your mining.

The secret here is to make sure that you are going to sell it to a company that is legit and that is going to give you a great price for your ether.

Mining ether is now the latest thing to do at the moment. Many people are interested in doing this for some extra money. With this information, you will know how much it is going to cost you and how you can sell ether without the need to pay for any equipment. Ether mining is a great way to make some extra money, but not enough for making a living out of.

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Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Which is the Better Cryptos


The industry, the market, and the crypto-coin community are anticipating flip-n-outs, which means that Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin’s market cap and provide a huge ether wallet. Which is about $ 10 billion in difference?

Why Ether’s prices are raising

Before speculating on the possibility of Ethereum becoming the dominant Blockchain network, it is important to consider whether the recent price increase can be justified. Has Ethereum shown commercial success? Do real users use Ethereum to access decentralized applications? Or is it a completely speculative investment and is it money that is being applied and that can be “taken” from the market at any time, if so where to buy ether? Objectively, the recent rise in Ethereum’s prices has been mostly speculative. The vast majority of investors in South Korea, the largest Ethereum exchange market, are not sufficiently aware of the purpose, structure, technical complexities, and philosophy of the Ethereum network. Most investors do not seem to differentiate between Ethereum and Bitcoin, the two Blockchain networks are very different in many ways.

Understand theeth mining rig

The original Ethereum Ether is designed to be used as a “fuel” and comes with the eth mining rig. It is not a crypto-coin or a reserve of value, unlike other alt-coins, like Ethereum Classic, that have a fixed source. Hence, investors who buy Ether to use it as a currency, because their transaction is faster than that of Bitcoin failed to understand Ether’s goal. Most investors bought Ether because of their overall enthusiasm and network optimism. Very few investors have bought Ether to participate in ICOs, to use it as currency, or to use it to ensure the autonomy of decentralized applications. See more here:

The role of South Korea

What about South Korea? It is difficult to justify that the money flowing in the Ethereum market is not speculative due to large markets such as South Korea. It is even possible to buy eth paypal. In a recent interview VitalikButerin emphasized that he had no idea why South Korea is the largest Ethereum exchange. He said he is aware of the Ethereum development community, led by various consortiums, educational institutions and conglomerates. South Korea, by contrast, is simply the largest Ethereum exchange market because people are speculating about the value of Ethereum. Over the past year, Ethereum has introduced a phenomenal method of raising investments for start-ups, the ICOs. By offering unique tokens that are compatible with the Ethereum network and the Ether token, companies can raise capital without the involvement of intermediaries and brokers. Of course, ICOs are not the only case of exclusive use of Ethereum. However, the recent price increase was attributed only to the growth of ICOs and the launch of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

The bottom line

Ethereum offers an infrastructure and level of flexibility that Bitcoin simply does not have, and it is very possible to even use an eth mining calculator. On the other hand, Bitcoin offers a value reserve and a settlement network that is secure and that is designed to operate as money, up to its money supply. Even if the market limit for Ethereum exceeds that of Bitcoin, investors should not consider Ethereum as a superior Blockchain network over Bitcoin. And vice versa, Bitcoin investors should not rule out Ethereum because of its smaller market cap. The two Blockchain networks, of course, offer unique features and infrastructures and are sought after by the market.

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